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Wild Animals Living In Your Attic Can Spread Disease And Cause Odors

Expensive destruction of property and physical damage can be the result of bats and other animals as well as spreading fleas, ticks and other harmful organisms in homes, schools and businesses. Estimates indicate that bats and other animals cause millions of dollars in fire damage alone each year due to chewed electrical wiring. In addition, birds pose a number of serious problems if they infest your home or building. They threaten both the structure itself as well as the safety of you and your guests. They carry biting insects and parasites. Their droppings contain large amounts of bacteria, not to mention the unpleasantness of mess and odors.


Bats living in your home or building carry with them noise and odors. There are also significant health risks associated with human exposure to bats. Rabies and histoplasmosis (a disease caused by the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum) are the most concerning. The little brown bat is the primary species that roosts in attics and other human habitats in North America. They can access building interiors via gaps or cracks as small as ΒΌ inch. Openings in soffit and fascia boards, misfit vent covers and damaged roofs and chimneys are the most typical entry points. Once established a bat infestation must be handled by a trained professional.


We are licensed by the Department of Agriculture ad have a permit from the Department of Natural Resources to properly and humanely remove bats and have provided safe and effective bat removal services in Michigan for almost a decade.


Once bats are removed we can make all of the necessary repairs to your home or business so they cannot reenter.


Bats and birds will leave behind guano, droppings and urine that can cause a strong odor. We can handle the repercussions from this. Otherwise certain health issues, including histoplasmosis, can result from the airborne spores and organisms resulting from this waste. We will remove (and also replace if necessary) soiled and damaged insulation as well as spray a deodorizer that will dissolve all organic matter in your attic.

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