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Boxelder Bug (Leptocoris trivittatus)

Black and red bugs have been a nuisance throughout Michigan for the past several years. In the summer the Boxelder bug (Leptocoris trivittatus) feeds on the flowers and seadpods of boxelder, maple and ash trees. In the fall and winter the Boxelder bug will look for a warm, dry place and your home is prime real estate for these and other bugs looking to get out of the cold. They can most often be found concentrated on the south and west sides of your home. They don’t lay eggs indoors or destroy fabrics or get into food, but they can still be an annoyance.

Controlling Boxelder Bugs

The best method of controlling the Boxelder bug is prevention. Seal all entries into your home during the summer months that may be used by this insect to gain entry. This will also help to control other bug problems. Removing boxelder, maple and ash trees will remove food sources that attract the Boxelder bugs to your property.

Having a professional pest control company like Knock’Em Out Pest Control spray around your home in the early fall can have a significant impact on keeping bugs from entering your home.

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